Hello . . . It's Me!

So, this is the beginning. . . Welcome to my blog!  Until now, I have avoided doing a blog like the plague!  Almost every photographer I know has a blog and updates it with their latest work from engagement sessions to weddings to family portraits.  To me, it just seemed like something I would never have the time to keep up with and rarely have a reason to use.  I’m not long-winded (not saying bloggers are!) and really just enjoy sharing my photography and letting it speak for itself.  HOWEVER, this summer has been a busy one and I have some exciting projects in the works!  What better way to share my excitement and the progress of these projects than in a blog?  But . . . with that being said, I’m also not going to promise daily updates or that it will live beyond Christmas.  However, I’ll do my best.  Here it goes!


There are three major projects I am working on between now and October – one is even international (Oh, la, la! No, I’m not going to Paris.).   I’ll tell you about the first one and you’ll have to keep reading my blog to find out about the others (the suspense is intense, I know).  The first is going to come as a complete shock to many who know me – Back-To-School Portraits!  


As some of you know, I normally do not photograph anything that breaths (so portraits are usually out), BUT I’m actually excited about this!  An opportunity fell into my lap this spring that is taking me out of my comfort zone as a photographer.  It’s even given me a chance to “shabby up” an old school desk (not something I've done before) and shop for vintage children’s books (big shout out to Etsy!) to get ready for the shoot.  It has come together just as I had imagined it and I can’t wait to get started!  


I’ll be offering mini-sessions in my backyard studio (can I call it that?) and then tackling an entire preschool this fall.  Coming to the blog this weekend will be my vintage school desk project (before and after) along with my practice photo shoot with a sweet, first grader, Eliza.  I’ll be available for hire and scheduling appointments over the next few weeks, so be on the lookout for information soon!  So that you don't miss a beat, be sure to follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/karenhibbardphotography/ and Instagram @karenhibbard.


Thanks for reading my first blog entry!  Here’s to new adventures and stepping out of the boat!