Mia & PJ

If you view my work on Facebook and Instagram, you will quickly notice that one thing is missing . . . . people!  I love candid, unposed shots of people, but, normally, portrait photography is something I save for family - I find it challenging and it's not my favorite to shoot.  For some reason, though, I really wanted to try something new, so I asked my sweet friend, Mia, if I could photograph her with her beautiful mustang, PJ.  Two years ago at the age of 13, Mia began working with PJ who came to her as a wild, unbroken horse.  Through months and months of hard work and dedication, this gorgeous, gentle girl was able to tame a powerful, wild animal and turn him into a show horse.  Mia, your story is so inspiring! Thank you for letting me get out of my comfort zone to capture these beautiful images of you and your sweet boy, PJ. <3