J'adore Quebec, Canada!

When we booked our trip to Quebec, Canada, we were hoping for a little feel of Europe. And, it did not disappoint!  We had cancelled a trip to London and Paris at the last minute, but still wanted to give the kids the experience of cobblestone roads, bakeries, french cuisine and a chance to use a little bit of French. We found all of that in Quebec - plus some! 

We had about four days to spend in Canada and spent the majority of our time in Old Quebec City which is a gorgeous French Canadian city full of charm (and a lot hillier than I thought, reminding me of San Francisco!).  We began our stay by strolling through the lovely cobblestone streets that were alive with French Canadians, live music, and the smell of maple popcorn (it's amazing!).  It was the beginning of a weekend-long celebration of Saint Jean Baptiste Day in Canada and there was excitement in the air.

Each day, when we set out into the city, we came across new streets to explore that were just as stunningly beautiful as the last. By chance, we came across one of the best french restaurants in Old Quebec City called Les Anciens Canadiens on Rue Saint Louis.  If you ever make it there, I would highly recommend it!  The "Old Country" feel of Quebec City was just what we were looking for, but we also had a chance to enjoy Canada's gorgeous landscape at the Montmorency Falls (where my husband and daughter zip lined over the falls!) and a countryside drive on our way to Montreal.

We ended our trip with a stroll through Old Montreal where window boxes overflowed with beautiful, summer flowers.  The kids were mesmerized by street performers and we feasted on french crepes filled with Nutella and fruit (I was the only oddball and picked lemon - yum!).      

Below are images I captured on our Quebec vacation and I hope you enjoy them.  And, of course, if there is one you just cannot live without, they are for sale.  :)  Just message me for sizes and prices.

 À bientôt! (See you soon!)