The Last Hoorah before the big yellow bus!

It's always hard to believe how quickly summer vacation comes to an end!  And, with a rising high school junior, these summers become more and more precious each year.  Although we are always on the go most days of the summer (which can be exhausting), there's nothing I would rather do than spend time with my kiddos. 

We spent this last week doing the typical last-minute things like back-to-school hair appointments and school open houses.  Then, scheduled whatever else we hadn't gotten enough of this summer including trips to the beach (more surfing, darker tans, etc.), amusement park, and hanging out with friends . . . yep, it's almost over and we have been packing it in! 

On Wednesday, Nicholas (my 11-year old) and I spent a few hours in Colonial Williamsburg while my daughter, Gretchen, and a friend were at Busch Gardens.  He's not a big fan of rollercoasters and I had a new camera lens to try out, so it was a win-win! :) Before he had even eaten lunch, I had let him buy a large gummy bear on a stick, some type of sour goo in a tube, a watermelon ice-cream cone and a wonderful, healthy caramel apple.  Judge, if you will!! I got some great images during that time!  I did try to put a good lunch in him at Barrett's Seafood restaurant, but he was too full.  Go figure!! 

Here are just a few favorites from the day.  Such a great place to spend the day to eating, shopping and experiencing our Virginia history . . . we did all of the above!  (Mostly the eating.)   These were all taken with a canon 24-70mm.