Images from the 911 Memorial and Museum in New York.  

Numerous times, I've visited the Trinity Church near Wall Street that survived the 9/11 attack.  In the days and weeks after the attack, the church served as a triage and restitute for rescue workers and then later became a temporary memorial and museum for thousands to visit and remember the most horrific day in U.S. history.  

Last fall, my husband and I were able to tour the new 911 Memorial and Museum in New York.  The stories that survived September 11, 2001 and that live on today are ones of courage, love, loss and heartache.  It is indeed an emotional walk through the happenings of that day.  One of the most memorable aspects of the museum, however, for both Jay and I was the escalator ride back to the main floor at the end of our tour.  As we left ground zero and road the escalator quietly up to the next level, the beautiful sounds of bagpipes began softly playing "Amazing Grace".  Our heavy hearts were suddenly lifted.    

My thoughts and prayers are with those

who still carry burdens from this day.  God Bless