Something Old. Something New

Hi, All!!  I am so swamped right now with an upcoming show this weekend and a trip to Nicaragua next weekend, but I just had to show off this new collaboration that was just born!  This summer, I had an idea during one of my events to find someone locally who could build beautiful, distressed, wooden picture frames that would compliment my photography.  Our family travels to a lot of coastal destinations, so many of my photos are of beaches, boats, buoys, etc. and I thought this style picture frame would work perfectly - especially for my upcoming shows and new shop in 3 Little Black Birds in Chesapeake (I'll be there starting in November!).  

I decided to ask the owners of a few vintage shops in the area to see, if they knew of anyone who did this kind of work.  Of course, where did I end up finding my answer? Facebook!  I posted a request on Facebook and in no time (like an hour!) someone referred me to Vanessa of Raising Arrows Art.  Well, not only has Vanessa turned out to be an amazing artist, but the most genuine person and absolute pleasure to work with.  This collaboration has been so much fun for both of us as we encourage each other doing what we love.  Picture frames had not been something she had made in the past, but she knew she was capable and was willing to take on my project. And, as you'll see, she nailed it!! :)  

I will have my photography on display this weekend (9/17 from 10-3) and also on October 15th at 3 Little Black Bird's Backyard Bazaar.  Then, I'll move into their store with a permanent location in November.  So excited about this!  

Here is a look at the work that went into these gorgeous, on-of-a-kind frames with photos courtesy of Vanessa.  If you are interested in placing on order for frames, just send me a quick email and I'll get you in touch with Vanessa Hurlburt.  If you are looking for my prints, they can be ordered directly on my website.  Thanks for stopping by!  Wish us luck!